Big-chested women are now calling themselves ‘AirPod-shaped’


A new body shape trend is music to men’s ears.

Many females across TikTok are forgoing the terms “hourglass” and “inverted triangle” to describe their bodies and are going for something more modern.

The new phrase, “AirPod-shaped,” is used to represent women who have tiny waists and a bigger bust — similar to the shape of the Apple wireless headphones, which are a white skinny stick and a bigger circular shape on top.

The expression replaces one of the so-called four traditional body types that women have used to illustrate their shape: the inverted triangle, hourglass, rectangular and spoon/pear.

While “hourglass figures” are reserved for top-heavy women with a small waist and bigger booty, “AirPod-shaped” is a variation of the inverted triangle, which axes the voluptuous rump.

The term “AirPod-shaped” gained traction last January after a woman named Ellianna Fry posted a TikTok video sprinting down a hallway, Mel magazine first reported.

“When he’s an a– guy but your body is shaped like an AirPod,” she wrote in the clip. The snap went viral and had other women agreeing that they had similar body types that looked like an AirPod.

Another user, @circusclown123, posted a video echoing the trend. “No man [is] using me for my body because I’m shaped like an AirPod,” she wrote next to a clip of herself showing off her body in tight clothes.

User Hope Schwing shared a clip of herself wearing a crop top and leggings with the words, “When [you’re] his first AirPod-shaped girl…” She sang the beginning of the song “The Chronic” by Dr. Dre in the video to show how men wouldn’t be able to handle this specific body type.

TikTok user Hope Schwing called herself an “AirPod shaped girl.”

“My back hurts from walking around in the shape of an AirPod,” user @sammyjanee teased, alongside a snap of herself holding her back. She then burst into some fun dance moves.

Men got in on the actions and commented on the various videos their thoughts on the trend. “Found my new favorite body type,” one wrote.

"My back hurts from walking around in the shape of an AirPod," user @sammyjanee joked.
“My back hurts from walking around in the shape of an AirPod,” user @sammyjanee joked.

“Your body type is everything that I ask for in a woman! Although personality matters the most,” another male gushed.

Other comments said, “Where can I buy those?” and “Them some nice AirPods though!”

But while the phrase may be empowering for some, others find it offensive. A.V Club writer Tatiana Tenreyro recently told Mel Magazine why she hates the term.

“It kind of horrified me because it’s an accurate way to describe my exact shape,” she told the outlet “But it’s such a cringey term. It’s so unsexy.”

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