Dak Prescott is terrified of mascots


Attention NFL defenses: Dak Prescott does not fear your opposing D line or their pass-rush. But throw on a mascot costume? That’s a different story.

On Tuesday night’s episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” Cowboys QB Dak Prescott admitted he fears one thing: people in costumes. During a group meeting attended by Ezekiel Elliott, the man under center in Big D explained his dread of disguises to his number one back.

Dak Prescott during the 2020 season.
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“You think that’s that person in the costume, you don’t know who the [expletive] he is,” Prescott, who has battled shoulder soreness this offseason, told Elliott. “He’s up to something.

It's not the Eagles defense that worries Dak Prescott.
It’s not the Eagles defense that worries Dak Prescott.
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“That’s why I never did anything haunted. I used to tell my mom: ‘That’s the perfect place to kill somebody. Why would I do that?’ I told her that, she understood, never made me. Y’all think it’s a fake chainsaw, you don’t know if one of them crazy [expletive] put a blade on that [expletive] one day.”

Vikings fans, take note: the Cowboys play on Halloween this year in Minnesota – on Sunday Night Football. Your move, Viktor the Viking.

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