Joe Biden cannot blame Trump this time


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WASHINGTON — Ever since taking office in January, Joe Biden has attempted to blame former President Donald Trump for everything. He blamed him for COVID and COVID deaths. He blamed him for vaccine delays and noncompliance.

But Joe Biden cannot blame Trump for what’s happening in Afghanistan. This was Biden’s plan, his orders, and the blood of the dead Americans is on his hands.

What had happened in Afghanistan is absolutely sickening. I recall many days ago saying that Biden signed the death certificates of Americans still in the country. The terrorists fulfilled their promise to take out American citizens.

The Wall Street Journal reports that at least 60 Afghans were killed in the blast. In addition, four US Marines were killed and 3 more wounded in the two bombing attacks in Kabul. All lives that should have never been lost, were it not for the ineptness of Joe Biden and the Biden regime.

Mainstream media outlets are already trying to spin this to blame it on “extremists” in Afghanistan. It seems they have all forgotten that the Taliban is a group of extremists that are already oppressing the people of the country under their rule.

You do not have to look to radical Islamic extremists to find who is to blame for the deaths in Afghanistan. It isn’t the Taliban’s fault either. It’s Joe Biden’s fault.

He allowed the Taliban to march across Afghanistan and take control of the nation. He surrendered the country to them and was left to scramble and try to evacuate Americans before they were killed.

He failed. He had no effective plan to get people out of the country. He views everyone still in Afghanistan as expendable. If he felt otherwise, he would not have flown to DC to make a statement, for a photo opportunity, then flown back to his vacation spot.

That’s a big difference from the former commander in chief, who would be up in the middle of the night for any who were lost abroad or to welcome those home whom he rescued. Joe Biden is too busy on vacation and eating his ice cream than to care for Americans abroad.

If former President Donald Trump was expected to resign or be impeached over his “mean tweets” then how much more should a president be impeached over approving the murder of US citizens? After all, that’s exactly what Joe Biden did. He approved the deaths of US citizens in Afghanistan by his actions.

The radical left wanted to blame President Trump for all COVID deaths across the country for his actions. If you remember, Trump attempted to stop travel that would bring COVID to the US but the Democrats, including Joe Biden, called him racists, xenophobic, and more.

But this is so much different. This is not a suggestion that the actions of a President led to the deaths of Americans. Joe Biden’s actions absolutely led to the death of multiple Americans in Afghanistan. He approved the surrender, and in turn, approved the deaths of these Americans.

No matter how Jen Psaki or anyone else in the Biden regime tries to spin it, this is Joe Biden’s fault. he cannot blame Trump this time. Joe Biden is a traitor and deserves any and all punishment that can be placed on him.

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