Mark Schlereth takes the ‘L’ to continue trolling of Bengals fans


Mark Schlereth is the enemy of the jungle, and his olive branch is wilted.

The Fox Sports commentator has been going back and forth with Bengals fans all season, remarking that the team should have selected an offensive lineman to protect Joe Burrow instead of receiver Ja’Marr Chase to catch passes from him.

“Your quarterback essentially got his leg amputated on the field they had to sew it back on but what’s going to help you is a wide receiver?” Schlereth asked on “The Pat McAfee Show” after the first round of the NFL draft in April. “There’s a reason some teams perennially SUCK. They don’t understand how football works.”

On Sunday, Chase was on the case to the tune of 266 yards and three touchdowns, as the Bengals defeated the Chiefs and clinched the AFC North.

Responding to the hordes of Bengals fans in his mentions, Schlereth trolled the franchise for not having won a playoff game since 1991.

Joe Burow and Ja’Marr Chase have become a premier NFL duo.
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“Hey @Bengals you’re all so cute…” Schelereth tweeted Monday morning. “Congrats on your big playoff win… Oh wait your last playoff win was January 6, 1991… win something and then get at me!”

After sparring back and forth with Bengals fans all day on Twitter, Schlereth purported to offer an apology, but had another troll for the Cincinnati faithful at the end of the message.

“I’m gonna take the ‘L,'” he said in video, holding up his finger and thumb adorned with 3 Super Bowl rings. “You were right, I was wrong. Enjoy your playoff run.”

Mark Schlereth couldn't resist trolling Bengals fans one more time.
Mark Schlereth couldn’t resist trolling Bengals fans one more time.

Schlereth, 55, won three Super Bowls — one with Washington and two with Denver as a right guard — a fact that he did not neglect to reference in his “apology” video.

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