New York magazine’s shocking revelation: The liberal media are biased!


In defending President Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan, New York magazine’s Eric Levitz has come to an earth-shaking revelation. You ready? The liberal media are biased. They “manufactured” the crisis.

Levitz is shocked, shocked to discover that “straight news” stories in The New York Times are laden with judgmental adjectives and the writers’ own opinions.

He takes particular aim at Roger Cohen, the Times Paris bureau chief, saying that in stories, “he is presenting editorial judgments as factual ones.” Cohen uses the phrase “reinforces the impression,” to which Levitz says, “This is, of course, a thin scrim for concealing outright advocacy. Impressions are inherently subjective.”

You don’t say. Welcome to the awakened, Eric. The Times (and CNN and The Washington Post and the list goes on) regularly presents opinion as news. It’s not just those vague “impressions.” How about “sources are saying,” “part of the conversation,” “observers wonder” and countless other phrases that scream, “This is what I think.”

Want to up the ante? Call it a “news analysis,” which lets reporters insert even more of their own bias.

This has been happening for years but was particularly egregious during the Trump years, when media reporters claimed that objectivity was overrated. Levitz is only now noticing it when it’s hurting the Democratic president he backs (and ironically, too, since Biden’s Afghanistan pullout is a fiasco).

But no, it’s not about Biden, Levitz claims: “The problem is that it has compromised the Fourth Estate’s journalism.”

Sorry — that ship sailed long ago. You just weren’t paying attention.

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