Oreo brings back pumpkin spice cookies and haters pile on: ‘Absolutely not’


Oreo is getting a jump-start on fall — but not everyone thinks it’s a delicious move.

The Nabisco brand is ushering in the season early this year with the return of pumpkin spice-flavored cookies.

The snacks will hit shelves starting Aug. 15 — in the form of limited-edition Oreos consisting of pumpkin spice cream filling between two golden cookies — after five years of no pumpkin spice Oreo love.

But while fall doesn’t start until Sept. 23, the autumnal flavor staple seems to be coming back earlier and earlier every year in an attempt to rush the fall equinox and sport sweatshirts and Ugg boots as quickly as possible.

People were confused over the company’s decision to unleash the flavor so soon before the autumn months.

“It’s the beginning of August. Enough with the pumpkin spice until autumn,” one person tweeted Wednesday.

“If people actually liked pumpkin spice, and didn’t just pretend to like pumpkin spice, they’d sell this trash all year long,” a user noted.

On Instagram, Oreo lovers also shared their thoughts, with one commenting on a post announcing the new flavor: “Absolutely not. We wanna stay in Summer, oreo!!!!!”

“It’s not even September yet…” someone added, while another person joked: “Like all pumpkin spice, it’ll end up tasting like a candle, I assume.”

Pumpkin spice latte “season” falls every year toward the end of August and into the fall.

Starbucks has built a reputation for unleashing pumpkin-flavored drinks and treats annually; however, this year’s release date is yet to be announced.

Starbucks has cemented itself in the game by releasing its signature pumpkin spice latte in time for autumn.

In 2020, the Seattle coffee chain reportedly hit a record high in sales with their harvest-themed products and sips. They first launched their PSL in 2003 and haven’t stopped serving it.

Starbucks had some competition in the PSL race last year when Dunkin’ and Panera also released pumpkin-flavored beverages and foods.

Dunkin’ rolled out its pumpkin cream cold brew and pumpkin spice signature latte drinks in 2021, while Panera added a sweet-and-fiery cinnamon crunch latte to their menu to get a leg up on the pumpkin craze.

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