See what the air fryer hype is about with this multitasking kitchen superstar


Feeling left out of the latest TikTok food trend? Then it’s time to see what all the air fryer fuss is about. There’s a reason this is a must-have kitchen appliance these days, and the Artesia 14-in-1 Grill/Air Fryer Combo will make you a believer. Right now this multitasking grill and air fryer unit is on sale for $179.99, saving you $39 off the usual price.

One of the best perks of an air fryer? You get the delicious taste of fried food without the unhealthy oil and extra calories. The Artesia 14-in-1 Grill/Air Fryer Combo lets you enjoy the benefits of air frying with its air fryer lid, while also serving as a grill and multi-cooker with a glass lid. It lets you choose from six air fryer functions (broil, fry, bake, beef, roast, and dehydrate) and eight multi-cooker functions (rice, steam, stew, yogurt, sear, slow cook, delay start, and keep warmer) for a wider range of possibilities in the kitchen.

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Intimidated by new kitchen gadgets? This one couldn’t be easier to use — just touch the icon of the option you’d like to prepare. There are 12 presets that make air frying extra crispy chicken wings or preparing a mouthwatering pork roast as simple as touching a button.

You also won’t need to worry about any kitchen emergencies. The Artesia 14-in-1 Grill/Air Fryer Combo has an impressive 14 safety features and passed rigorous testing for certification so you can cook with total peace of mind. The removable non-stick inner pot means you’ll have less residue left behind, so cleaning up after cooking a delicious meal won’t take long either.

Get the Artesia 14-in-1 Grill/Air Fryer Combo today for $179.99, or $39 off the retail price. And with this limited-time deal, you’ll earn a $10 store credit within 14 days of your purchase if you spend at least $50 in-store, as long as your total exceeds $50 after any returns. 

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