Shocking video shows out-of-control brawlers slam into moving subway


A pair of subway brawlers went flying into a moving 7 train at Grand Central early Wednesday morning, shocking video shows — leaving one of the men with a bloody inch-deep gash in his head.

Footage of the brawl obtained by The Post Thursday shows the two men engaged in fisticuffs, lobbing punches in each other’s direction — mostly unsuccessfully — while the train is stopped at the station.

The train starts to move and one of the men, who is wearing a red shirt, finally lands a punch on his interlocutor. The second man, who is wearing a button down and backpack, loses his footing, smacks into the side of the moving 7 train — and falls onto the platform.

The man in red then approaches to continue the fight — literally punching his opponent on the floor. The man with the backpack grabs him by the waist pushes him into the still-moving train and both lose their footing.

The video shows the man in red’s head falling into the space between the train and the platform. He bounces out and rolls back onto the platform, his body motionless — as the other man starts walking toward the stairs.

Authorities are currently investigating how the gruesome fight started between the two men on the subway platform.

Photos of the man after the incident showed an inch-deep gash in his head as he was being carted out of the station on a stretcher.

The gruesome scuffle occurred just after midnight Wednesday, the MTA said.

The man who was hit by a moving 7 train was left with a horrific inch-deep gash in his head.
The man who was hit by a moving 7 train was left with a horrific inch-deep gash in his head.

Emergency medical services responded to the scene, briefly stopping trains in both directions before service resumed with delays at 12:20 a.m. the transit authority said.

NYPD said it is looking into the incident and could not provide further details.

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