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Sydney, Australia — Australian truckers have had enough, and they’re ready to engage in some righteous mutiny, according to recent statements.

As I wrote this weekend, a law professor from New Mexico is resisting the tyrants in his state. I included information from Australia which has descended, at least in some major cities, into full dictatorship as elderly men and 12-year-old girls are not safe from brutality from the tyrannical enforcers for not wearing masks.

More brutal scenes came out over the weekend as crowds of protesters formed to speak out against the medical tyranny.

As Vaccine Impact reported: “In Victoria, video footage shows police firing on unarmed crowds, allegedly with rubber bullets. Other substances were sprayed on the crowd such as pepper spray, and one video clip showed a young boy blinded and crying.”

“This was all after a week that saw horrific video footage online throughout Australia of police beating up 12-year-olds for not wearing masks, a child being ripped from a parent’s arms allegedly to inject her, and police just in general terrorizing the public for whatever reason they saw fit, using ‘COVID’ as an excuse for everything,” the article continued.

Well, truckers in Australia are planning to stop this. Apparently, they are planning to shut down the country starting on Aug. 31 as major Australian cities have given so-called “authority” to police to use “any force necessary” to force medical experimentations and mandates on the people.

A video showing how fed up the truckers are emerged, and they providing warning to their fellow Australians to prepare for a blockade. Fair warning, colorful language is used in the video, appropriate language in my opinion considering the level of tyranny taking place there, but I’ll clean up that language a bit here for those who are sensitive.

“We’ve been telling everyone around the world, everyone around Australia, it’s on. The truckies are doing it …. The truckies are going to shut down the country. What that means is you need to go shopping now, get what you can for the next week or two. Load your fridge, freezers. The truckies are coming, and they’re going to pull this country down. And we’re all going to do it together, and we’re going to remove this sh** government,” the first trucker states.

He continues: “The vets are in, the truckies are in, I’m in. I’m willing to go to jail to save my country and my children. If you want to do this, you’ve got to do it together as one.”

He goes on to discuss the liar Anthony Fauci and admissions from a Pfizer contract showing “they know it’s poison.”

What he’s likely referring to is that Pfizer has admitted its jab contains 99 percent graphene oxide.

As Gary Barnett wrote: “This toxin can cause pneumonia when the nanoparticles enter the lungs. Graphene also causes a metallic taste and inflammation of the mucus membranes which can lead to a loss of taste and smell. It can as well cause strong magnetic responses inside a host organism, and can also cause red blood cell damage. When deposited on most any surface, it can be converted into an electronic conductor. This would lead one to question many ‘Covid’ symptoms and the possible uses of graphene oxide in the so-called ‘COVID-19 vaccine,’ as this study group also claims that graphene oxide actually causes what is erroneously described as ‘Covid.’ If this is the case, then the ‘vaccine’ is indeed the bioweapon.”

Back to the truckers.

“This is to the government of Australia, the so-called corporate government, we run this country, we the people, and I’m a truck driver. We as truckies, we will block all your highways, we’ll block all your ports and we’ll even stop what we need to stop. There is nothing you’ll be able to do. You back off. These are our roads, this is our country and we will run it how we want to run it,” the second trucker states.

He adds: “Us truck drivers are going to be the front line and, whoever’s behind us, we are going to take our country back. You politicians make me sick. You guys are filthy. You guys do not represent us people, and you don’t represent this country. F*** you! We’re going to take our country back.”

Like here, Australia’s government has also deemed its citizens as “essential” or “nonessential,” and the final trucker in the video said: “Everyone’s considered essential in my books, except for the government. They can get f***ed. They’re not essential. They’re just a waste of f***ing oxygen, time and money.”

Australian truckers have done this before. The Sydney Morning Herald two years ago republished an article from 1979 about a successful blockade.

Remember this, from right here in America, the truckers kept delivering for us as Congressmen were absent, and many of those politicians remain absent to this day. And, as Reuters reported on March 18, 2020, our truckers had to appeal to “the government to allow gas stations, rest stops, and repair facilities to remain open to keep deliveries rolling,” as the government shut them down.

Support your truckers, especially those standing up to tyrants.

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