The January 6 witch hunt continues


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Charlotte, NC — Despite reports that the January 6 event was not an insurrection orchestrated by President Donald Trump, his family, or so-called domestic extremists, the investigating House committee continues to paint it that way. In the early part of August, the committee sought records of communication between President Donald Trump, White House personnel, administration insiders, and conservative influencers and journalists such as Rohan O’Handley, Jack Posobiec, Enrique Tarik, and George Papadopoulos.

They demand records of communication that span nine months, from April 1, 2020 through January 20, 2021. Leading the charge for transparency, Democrat Committee Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson penned a letter to David S. Ferreira, Archivist of the United States, asking for correspondence related to the election results, the counting of the electoral college, campaign strategies, legal strategies/advice, any information the President had pertaining to the outcome of the election, etc.

However, what’s most notable is the broad net they’ve cast in seeking this information. They aren’t solely focused on President Donald Trump’s inner circle. In the letter, they include Twitter personalities, reporters, podcast hosts, and party activists. For example, the list includes the popular InfoWars host Alex Jones, news personality Gina Loudon, public figure Karyn Turk, and Conservative activist Scott Presler, which forces the question, “What are they actually looking for?”

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) spoke out against the probe to Breitbartstating, “They are weaponizing Congress’s subpoena power to spy on their colleagues without a shred of evidence.” And he’s not the only one alarmed by the scope of the committee’s demands.

Recently, Jack Posobiec spoke to Timcast creator, Tim Poole, and expressed fears that he and the others named in the letterwere being made an example of and used to discourage conservatives from expressing their views. Essentially, “fall in line or find yourself on a list.” He also voiced concerns he was being investigated to uncover his sources within the White House, which include Biden administration insiders.

Based on the variety of names that, aside from their shared support of conservative politics, have little in common, it’s reasonable to assume he is right. In their hunt for evidence of a planned event, they are doing their best to intimidate, silence, and send a message to others. It’s another example of how the social credit system is coming to the United States like a barreling freight train.

Coupled with the discrimination the unvaccinated population is facing, the narrative is clear. Follow orders, renounce your beliefs, take your jab, and do not question authority.

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