“Unbiased” AP continues left-wing assault over January 6


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WASHINGTON — The Associated Press did not waste any time in continuing their assault on January 6. First, they went after Ashli Babbitt and attempted to smear her character. Now, they are going after Republicans.

On Tuesday, the AP shared a recent poll that claims only 40% of those who identify with the GOP believe the January 6 events were “violent.” They report that 4 out of 10 GOP members claim it was violent, 3 out of 10 claim it was somewhat violent, while 3 out of 19 claim it was not violent.

They quickly point out a stark contrast to Democrats. The AP article writes, “Their views were a distinct minority as overall about two-thirds of Americans described the day as very or extremely violent, including about 9 in 10 Democrats.”

This comes from a mainstream media outlet that fed into the “mostly peaceful protests” propaganda during the Trump administration. They constantly refused to call rioters what they were, insisting it was a “mostly peaceful protest.”

Now they have a problem with that suggestion.

Video evidence surrounding the Capitol has shown that a very small percentage of those who attended the events in Washington that day entered the Capitol building. We also know the involvement of the FBI in helping instigate the events of January 6. We have seen how Capitol police enabled and encouraged what happened, to drive a narrative and story for the Democrats.

The same way that the Democrats used the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots for their own personal gain. We have seen that video as well, watching as hundreds and thousands of rioters were allowed to destroy property and businesses across the country without any intervention by Democratic leadership.

They did not ask for the violence to stop or ask the police to end it. Instead, they issued calls to defund the police and to end policing altogether. Where was The Associated Press in calling out the Democrats for this?

The Associated Press continued to push the Pelosi agenda to “preserve the narrative” by celebrating her partisan investigation committee. They pushed the idea that Pelosi had to step up to save our nation when Republicans failed to do so. What garbage!

Pelosi has maintained her lavish lifestyle while encouraging and forcing Americans into submission. She did not miss her hair appointment while others were forced to remain at home under tyrannical rule. Time and again, Pelosi has proven she is not about America but about control.

As the January 6 propaganda continues to flow, the mainstream media and Democrats are planning to use it to their full advantage. The White House is in on it. Pelosi is pulling Congress in on it as well.

Their plan is to paint Republicans as horrible people, tying them to Trump and the events of January 6, soon to be followed by the removal of the filibuster and forcing Americans to eat their communism, whether they want it or not.

Since the Biden regime began, we have warned any of our readers over and over that this time was coming. We have seen that the Democrats plan to remove anyone who is against their agenda. They have called for a registry for anyone who may have voted for Trump. They want to keep you from participating in society, voting, or having any say in our nation because you are conservative.

For months we have said it was going to get bad. Now it is and it is only going to get worse the longer the Democrats are in control.

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