Why Antonio Brown’s latest meltdown was inevitable, according to astrology


Shirts off, arms up and caution to the freezing wind — let’s talk about acclaimed wide receiver and controversial character Antonio Brown.

Known for his behavior both on and off the field, Brown was seemingly released from his Buccaneers contract after a spectacular, shirtless, late-season, mid-game exit. The storm-off was the latest in a long and illustrious list of the athlete’s newsworthy moments.

What do the stars spell about the man — and what can we expect for and from him in the year ahead?

Sun in Cancer

Born July 10, 1988, Antonio Brown is a hard-shelled, sensitive center Cancer sun with a buck wild Gemini moon. A cardinal water sign, Cancers often hide their acute vulnerability under an ever-calcifying rampart. That explains why Brown’s long-term friend, teammate and hype man Tom Brady urged the world at large to show compassion for Brown. Brady, who himself has Venus in Cancer, likely understands the disconnect between Brown’s emotional interiority and his outwardly exhibited defense tactics. 

Moon in Gemini

Though AB is a Cancer, his recent behavior is best explained by the inordinate amount of Gemini energy in his chart. In addition to his moon, Brown has Venus — the planet of love, beauty and material goods — and Mercury, the planet of communication, in the mutable air sign. At its best, Gemini energy is expressive, dynamic and curious. At its worst, it is petty, erratic and destabilizing. The moods, opinions and motivations of Gemini swing wildly and they often feel at odds with themselves and their own shifting desires. This inherent duality explains how Brown could be described by Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians as a “model citizen” mere months before the two came to odds and dismissals this weekend. The emotional whiplash that is Gemini energy is also evident in this all-smiles pic of Brown taken in the backseat of his getmeoutofhere car, just moments after he exited the stadium. 

Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown appears at Super Bowl 55 in February 2021.
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Those with moon in Gemini harbor a serious incongruence between their private and public selves, which may explain why Brown continues to receive support and admiration from friends and colleagues despite the actions and accusations that follow in his wake. 

People like Brown — with Mercury in Gemini — feel the need to communicate impulsively and often, which explains Brown’s YouTube channel, his history of unauthorized livestreaming and his recent social media response to his Bucs dismissal in which he posted a glory pic of himself wearing the very jersey he stripped off.

Antonio Brown warms up ahead of the Buccaneers-Jets game on Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022.
Antonio Brown warms up ahead of the Buccaneers-Jets game on Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022.
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Astrology 101: Your guide to the stars

Mars in Pisces

Brown has Mars, planet of action and aggression, in mild-mannered Pisces. This placement is empathic, easily wounded and heavily burdened by the misfortune of others. These individuals don’t always know what they want and possess a passivity that can make them seem endlessly easygoing and downright harmless. Sounds like a mess of puppy-petting bubble-bath-takers, right? Do not be fooled. Their own propensity for anger and aggression makes Mars in Pisces feel both anxious and guilty — like stealing porn from your parents. Because of this they often struggle to directly express themselves and their feelings emerge as indirect aggression and/or uncalled for outbursts. Meaning Brown’s sideline meltdown was likely a long time coming.

Mars square Uranus – punk rock problems

Things get more complicated and absolutely more bats–t when we consider that Brown has Mars square Uranus, the punk-rock planet of sudden change and serious shake-ups. In astrology, squares cause conflict between the tugging energies of two planets. Cue Aerosmith’s “Living on the Edge.” For those with this aspect, it is easy to conflate the pursuit of freedom with reckless and even dangerous behavior. This aspect calls for thrill-seeking, adrenaline-chasing, edge-walking, risk-taking and fit-throwing. 

Mars square Uranus is allergic to being told what to do and will often go to great or even dubious lengths to ensure their own sovereignty. Brown’s alleged forgery of vaccine documentation is evident of the influence of this square, as is his filing of a grievance over his preferred helmet and his sartorially sound — albeit professionally questionable — decision to rock a fur jacket at a crucial game for which he was sidelined. 

There’s an admirable fearlessness to those with this square; they will not hesitate to rebel against or burn to the ground (or 50-yard line) anything that makes them feel controlled or contained. See this video of a joyous, sprinting Brown upon learning he was released from the Raiders. The unfortunate nature of this square is that those with it are so resolute in their pursuit of absolute freedom that they end up feeling or acting utterly out of control — which, in turn, limits the very independence they seek. 

Antonio Brown's chef is accusing him of obtaining a fake vaccine card.
Antonio Brown was accused of obtaining a fake coronavirus vaccine card.
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Onward, upward, mutable, unstoppable

It ain’t easy being AB, but what does the future hold? The good news for Brown is that with Mars in Pisces and a score of planets in Gemini, he has mutability in his chart and on his side. Highly adaptable, he not only welcomes change but actively requires it to further his own personal evolution. Diversifying from sports, Brown has proven himself a worthy competitor in the realms of reality TV, competing in Season 22 of “Dancing With the Stars” and launching a music career. In fact, our man used the recent controversy of his walk-off to promote his new single and his collaboration with retail brand Fashion Nova. Brown said it best himself, captioning the latter post: “Football is what we do, not who we are!” 

So be it, AB. Keep smiling at your haters and staring down your demons. May you remain as wide open as ever, to abundance and expansion.

Antonio Brown leaves the field midway through the Buccaneers-Jets game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022.
Antonio Brown leaves the field midway through the Buccaneers-Jets game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022.

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