Woman dies after botched liposuction operation left ‘holes’ in her organs


A mom of two has died in hospital after undergoing a botched $6,500 liposuction operation in Spain.

Sara Gomez, 39, was allegedly left with “injuries like she’d been in a knife fight” following complications from the op carried out in Cartagena.

Cops have since launched an investigation into the private Clinica Galna amid fears that the accused surgeon – thought to be of Chilean descent – may be trying to flee the country.

Gomez, from Alcantarilla, Spain, was hospitalized on December 2 and passed away on Saturday – having spent nearly a month in ICU.

According to the Olive Press, the unnamed surgeon allegedly told Sara’s family that “everything went well,” but that she had lost a lot of fluid and they were working to stabilize her.

Three hours later, she was rushed to the Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucia, where she was admitted in hypovolaemic shock and a serious condition.

Sara’s brother Ruben Gomez described the situation to local media as an “extreme reality.”

The mother of two reportedly sustained multiple serious injuries and holes in several organs, including her kidney, liver, duodenum, colon and intestine as a result of the liposuction procedure.

It came as Sara’s family’s lawyer Ignacio Martinez described the victim’s injuries as “more typical of the result of a knife fight”.

He said: “Many cosmetic surgery cases come to my association but what happened here is incomprehensible.”

A spokesman for Sara’s family say that they are awaiting autopsy results and plan to file a complaint against the plastic surgeon in charge of the operation as soon as possible.

According to the Mirror, Sara’s funeral has now taken place as she leaves behind a daughter and a young son.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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